Auto Parts

Truckload service to the automotive industry is our leading niche market

Canada employs over half a million people each year who contribute to the automotive industry. At Capture Logistics we have a growing industry niche shipping automotive parts and supplies between major markets in Ontario and Quebec with USA and Mexico points. Our modern fleet of logistics equipped 53’ dry vans create a safe and secure environment for all types of products.

We’ve adapted to the changing supply chain requirements of the automotive industry

There has been a significant shift in trade and automotive production since the recession in 2008/2009. There have been no new auto plants created in Canada or the USA this last decade while 7 auto plants have been created in Mexico. Companies like auto giant Magna International now have 30 plants and 24,000 people employed in Mexico. Freightliner also closed its Ontario production facility and moved to Mexico due to the incentives offered there. As a result, Mexico has emerged as the world’s 10th largest auto manufacturer and our business reflects that substantial increase in automotive production.

We understand the trucking requirements of our automotive related shipping community

Where our company was formed in 2010, following the recessionary period, our business has grown significantly within this sector. We have fostered close relationships with the automotive sector and provide truckload service on a single and team driver basis. We connect Ontario/Quebec markets and then provide single driver and team-expedited service to the USA and Mexico.

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